An important part of the XLVets culture is the strong working relationships we have with our suppliers. We aim to build long-term partnerships that benefit both the supplier and the XLVets member practices.

These partnerships have led to a number of national initiatives, such as the development of a web application for the XLVets Calf Tracker initiative. A project that has enabled XLVets practices to measure, record and benchmark calf key performance indicators not only within the practice, but nationwide.

Support for small animal initiatives has been significant too, with collaboration that's achieved a wide distribution of important educational messages to clients, for both our dental campaign and, more recently, the dermatology initiative. These educational messages supported and encouraged client compliance across all our member practices.

The ongoing development of our Lifetime Care Club has also been a result of successful collaboration between XLVets and various supporting suppliers, ensuring that preventative pet health care is at the forefront of all XLVets member practices.

XLVets has a proven track record for building positive working relationships with, and delivering national contracts, to Government. Member practices have been instrumental in the national delivery of training and education on behalf of the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) looking at specific farm animal health and welfare issues such as BVD and Johne's. Furthermore, XLVets member practices have an integral role to play in the regional delivery of TB testing through the XL Farmcare regional companies.

XLVets also supports national health initiatives that improve the health and welfare of pets and livestock. Most recently this includes the national "BVDFree England", BVD eradication programme to which we provide IT support as well as veterinary consultation and marketing expertise. We look forward to seeing this project continue to develop and working alongside Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales initiatives, work towards the eradicate BVD in the UK.

XLVets member practices provide second opinion veterinary expertise to two large insurance underwriters. Predominantly on the farm and equine side, certificate holding veterinary surgeons throughout the country within the XLVets practices provide a nationwide service reviewing complex cases, working on behalf of the insurer and underwriter.

World Horse Welfare (WHW), founded in 1927, is an international horse charity that strives to improve the lives of horses in the UK and around the world through education, campaigning and hands-on care. They work with horses, horse owners, communities, organisations and governments to help improve welfare standards and stamp out suffering in the UK and worldwide.

When developing the XLVets Equine 'Keep One Step Ahead' campaign in 2014, XLVets practices approached WHW to ask if they would like to collaborate and help spread our key messages. XLVets developed a brochure and a foot care video for owners. We organised a press day at WHW headquarters in Norfolk, educating the equine and veterinary press about all aspects of foot care, which was extremely well received by all who attended.

The Animal Health Trust (AHT), based on the outskirts of Newmarket, employs global experts in disease surveillance and epidemiology. When embarking on XLVets Equine 'Plan, Prevent, Protect' campaign in 2013, it was vital that we had input from the leading experts to ensure our science and methods were current, relevant and accurate.

The Animal Health Trust agreed to collaborate with XLVets on this initiative. Working together we produced a brochure for owners on equine infectious diseases including a risk assessment and biosecurity guidelines. From this, XLVets members were asked to speak at the British Horse Society annual conference, the Association of British Riding Schools AGM and to speak on a conference call for the Infectious Disease Of Horse Committee in the USA.

To discuss in more detail how you could work with XLVets practices contact: or 01228 711788

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