Laura Whyte's picture
Laura Whyte
XLVets Chair
Andrew Curwen's picture
Andrew Curwen
Chief Executive
Tim Hutchinson's picture
Tim Hutchinson
Small Animal Director
Colin Mitchell's picture
Colin Mitchell
Vice Equine Executive Chair & Equine Director
Philip Alcock's picture
Philip Alcock
Training Director
Lynne Gaskarth's picture
Lynne Gaskarth
Nich Roper's picture
Nich Roper
Farm Director
Tony Kemmish's picture
Tony Kemmish
Colm McGinn's picture
Colm McGinn
Chief of Implementation at XLVets UK Ltd.
Kerrie Hedley's picture
Kerrie Hedley
Chief Operating Officer
Jane Simpson's picture
Jane Simpson
People Development Manager
Laura Marriner's picture
Laura Marriner
Financial Controller
Charlotte Johnson's picture
Charlotte Johnson
VetSkills Operations Assistant
Arron King's picture
Arron King
IT Executive
Charlotte Moody's picture
Charlotte Moody
XLVets Mentor
Toby Lightfoot's picture
Toby Lightfoot
IT and Business Intelligence Manager
Julia Dobson's picture
Julia Dobson
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Paul Whittle's picture
Paul Whittle
IT Systems and Web Support Specialist
Alice Renner's picture
Alice Renner
Farm Animal Marketing Executive
Ashley Earnshaw's picture
Ashley Earnshaw
Membership Support Executive
Susan Goodfellow's picture
Susan Goodfellow
Chief Marketing Officer
Gemma Gabriel's picture
Gemma Gabriel
Companion Animal Marketing Executive
Rachel Robson's picture
Rachel Robson
Procurement Manager
Gabrielle Davidson's picture
Gabrielle Davidson
Marketing Communications Executive
Adam Wilks's picture
Adam Wilks
Database Administrator