Reporting to: Head Nurse
Responsible for: Student Nurses and Veterinary Care Assistants

The role of the veterinary nurse is critical to the provision of high standards of client and patient care. The purpose of this position is to serve as a member of the nursing team. Guidance, support, and co-ordination are important aspects of the role. Working closely with other personnel at all times is essential in order to ensure the smooth running of the surgical suite, imaging, dental rooms, and wards. High standards of patient care are to be maintained at all times. This role is a temporary role for maternity cover (6-9 months) and is ideally full-time (5 days per week), however, part-time will be considered. You will be based at our Hook Norton Hospital and must have a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience. 

Major Goals
• To ensure the highest standard of nursing care is provided 100% of the time to 100% of our patients.
• To maintain accurate client and patient records
• To comply with the relevant nursing rota
• To be efficient, pleasant, polite, concerned and helpful to all clients under all conditions at all times.
• To treat all practice personnel with the same respect and consideration as clients
• To help to ensure the smooth running of caseload throughout the hospital
• To be involved with the admission and discharge process of patients, the accuracy of which is of vital importance
• To promote our services, personnel, and products, both within and outside the practice at all times
• To support marketing initiatives
• To demonstrate a commitment to continued professional development and actively participate in the staff appraisal system.
• To understand and implement practice policies as supplied, updates and advised by the head nurse.
• To take an active role in the training program of student veterinary nurses, junior nurses and veterinary care assistants. 

Role Dependent Duties
• Surgical nurses – set up, cleaning and closure of theatres, placement/care of intravenous catheters, set up and monitoring of IVFT, preparation and administration of medications, preparation and assistance with inductions, patient preparation, monitoring of anaesthesia, completion of anaesthetic records and safety checklists, assistance with post-operative imaging. Admit and discharge of patients.
• Kennel nurses – Rehabilitation and supportive care, to include 1-1 monitoring and advanced nursing care of critical patients, bladder management, nutrition, placement/care of intravenous catheters, pre and post-op care, pain assessments, set up and monitoring of IVFT, venepuncture. Admit and discharge of patients
• Night nurses – Provision of high standard care for hospitalised and out-of-hours emergency patients
• Common sense approach to task prioritisation, where skill set allows support for other areas during low staffing periods and high caseload.
• To be involved in deep cleaning, general cleaning, and maintenance of the premises. Regular cleaning/routine care of all equipment to include correct methods of sterilisation, and prompt reporting of any faults or damage.
• Assisting veterinary surgeons, as required, at all times
• Accurate record-keeping with regard to medical records, anaesthetic sheets, safety checklist, hospitalisations forms, etc
• Obtaining samples for laboratory testing, both in-house and externally, ensuring correct form completion. Performing in-house diagnostic tests as necessary.
• Dispensing medication as instructed by the veterinary surgeon
• Equipment maintenance (request servicing/repair as necessary) and record to equipment maintenance nurse.
• Reception and pharmacy duties when required
• Assisting with practice marketing initiatives e.g. open evenings, practice tours, etc
• Be fully aware of all Health and Safety Issues and read all information supplied. Familiarise yourself with all available health and safety information and speak to the Head Nurse if you have any queries.
• Welcome and provide support for visitors including veterinary students and work experience. Ensure safe methods of work and minimum disruption
• Follow Employee General Guidelines

Work Benefits:
• Generous CPD allowance
• Exclusive company discounts
• Comprehensive access to the XLVet community & resources
• Full and unwavering support towards Certificates and career development
• Free parking at all branches
• Branded uniform
• Healthcare Plan available to opt-in to

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