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Small Animal Graduate Development Programme 2023 - Group 1 Monday 9th October 2023 09:00 to Tuesday 19th March 2024 16:00
and the North West
United Kingdom

Price: £2,200.00

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Small Animal Graduate Development Programme 2023 - Group 2 Wednesday 11th October 2023 09:00 to Thursday 21st March 2024 16:00
and the North West
United Kingdom

Price: £2,200.00

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This programme is exclusively available to XLVet Members.
8 days, 4 modules
Delegates: New Graduates and those who have changed species specialism recently.
Overview: Survival Skills, Emergency Management and Euthanasia, Clinical Transition into Practice Duration and Feline Medicine and Lameness


Programme Outline:

Survival Skills (2 days)XLVets Small Animal Graduate Development Programme Brochure
Managing yourself and in practice, Finance and Time Management. The first module will look at the non-clinical skills vital for a happy and successful career. Delegates will look at how to manage themselves by looking at understanding their own expectations as well as those around them, and the challenges and solutions to a healthy work-life balance. How to build relationships in order to give and receive feedback constructively, address and manage conflict. The course will also provide an understanding of how finance works in practice, the basics of a profit and loss account, pricing principles and the perils of discounting. And finally, time management; how to organise and plan time to allow greater productivity, enhancing relationships with clients and colleagues, reducing stress and achieving personal goals. 

Emergency Management and Euthanasia (2 days)
For this clinically focused module, graduates will focus on developing their clinical decision-making skills in order to save lives, protect the animal from harm and develop a toolkit to use in out-of-hours situations. Graduates will look at how to keep the animal alive, other common emergencies such as seizures, trauma, caesarean and euthanasia. The module will finish with a session on managing one’s own wellbeing.

Clinical Transition into Practice (2 days) 
Practical pharmacology, Graduates in action and Dermatology. Module three continues with graduates spending half a day looking at best practice dispensing and pharmacy, including the legal aspects of dispensing, controlled drugs and the use of antibiotics. Including an interactive session with the trainer discussing the nose-to-tail examination and common differential diagnoses, the repeat offender, imaging and surgical tips. For the final day of this module, graduates will take a practical approach in looking at dermatology, aiming to give them confidence when dealing with skin cases in practice. 

Feline Medicine and Lameness (2 days)
How to manage the diabetic cat, diet, chronic renal disease and diagnostic workup, giving graduates the confidence to take on these cases in practice. The lameness module will build confidence in localising the source of pain, building an appropriate list of differential diagnoses, spotting subtle signs and making the most of radiography.

Content: Clinical and non-clinical. 
Included: Four nights' accommodation, evening meals and lunches, as required for the course.
Trainers: Dan Lewis BVSc Cert AVP MRCVS at Capontree Vets, Sarah Packman BVSc CertSAM MRCVS and Tim Hutchinson BVSc CertSAS MRCVS at Larkmead Veterinary Group. Charlotte Moody BSc BVetMed PGCert Vet Ed MRCVS, XLVets.

‘A good opportunity to deepen understanding and approach to cases commonly seen in practices in a highly interactive setting. Very useful now that I can apply knowledge to my own cases.’
‘Really useful overview on a range of topics that made the first 6 months of work and beyond easier to manage, as well as provide confidence in case management.’

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