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Insights Discovery Workshop for your practice United Kingdom

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Plus, £85 per Insights Profile
Duration: 1 day
Delegates: The practice team (ideally max. 20 per session)
Overview: Based on four colours, Insights Discovery helps individuals and teams, learn more about their preferred behaviours, the strengths they bring and the challenges they’re likely to face.

Price quoted is for the course to be run inhouse at your practice with your team.

The success of any business is built on the performance of its people.

We help people to perform at their highest level by improving their understanding of themselves. People can then easily adapt and connect with others, which leads to workplaces where  innovation, creativity and productivity thrive.

Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible four colour model that helps us to understand ourselves and others. Every person has all four colour energies within them; it is the  combination of these energies which creates each unique personality. Our colour energies refer to a set of characteristics that tend to be our most preferred or our most natural way to be.

When an organisation helps its people reveal their individual combination of colour energies, they are better equipped to stay motivated and engaged whether working individually, in a team or as a leader.

Once the online evaluator is completed, each person receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile. An extremely powerful tool, it can be used to resolve conflict, improve communication, and help teams see the value of each others contribution at work. When you start your journey with Insights Discovery, you are investing in your people and giving them the tools to be able to work better together, forever.

Please Note: Each INSIGHTS Discovery profile is charged at £85 per profile.

Trainer: Bryan Hamilton, a CIPD associate member in L&D and Insights licenced practitioner with over 12 years' experience,  has a passion for the benefits Insights can bring to a team or organisation.

Bryan, having worked within the animal health industry for over 30 years from Sales Rep to European team manager member for Learning and Development, brings to this training a view from both the individual and team the huge benefits that Insights brings aligning so closely with the three R's within a team, 

  • Respectful - be considerate of others and their ways of working
  • Responsible - be accountable for our actions, behaviours, and attitude
  • Ready- prepared for work and the willingness to adapt

To book this workshop at your practice, please contact or call 01228 711 788.

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