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Course When Where Price (excl VAT)
Cattle Herdperson Foot Trimming Course at Larkmead Veterinary Group Monday 31st January 2022 09:30 to Wednesday 2nd February 2022 14:30
Larkmead Veterinary Group
Ilges Lane
OX10 9PA
United Kingdom

Price: £550.00

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Sheep Lameness at Hook Norton Vets Wednesday 23rd February 2022 10:00 to 16:00
White Hills Surgery
Sibford Road
OX15 5DG
United Kingdom

Price: £75.00

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This course has an emphasis on practical skills around the workings of the cow’s foot in combination with knowledge of the modified dutch foot trimming method into practice. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise normal bovine locomotion and relate this to the AHDB Dairy mobility score.

  • Recognise lameness and grade severity.

  • Understand the basic anatomy of  the bovine foot.

  • Know how to retrain a cow and pick up their feet using a crush.

  • Understand the five key steps of the Dutch Method and know how to apply these to prevent lameness conditions.

  • Trim feet effectively.

  • Recognise the main disease leading to lameness.

  • Know when and how to apply blocks and medical treatment and when to seek specialist veterinary advice.

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