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Course When Where Price (excl VAT)
DIY AI Tuesday 27th October 2020 09:30 to Friday 30th October 2020 16:30
Mount Vet Group
Colliton Barton
EX14 3LS
United Kingdom

Price: £450.00

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Trainees will be able to discuss the regulations governing AI in the UK and describe the theory of safe semen handling and AI techniques.  They will also be able to carry out correct AI techniques using abattoir specimens or models before progressing into being able to safely perform AI in live cows to DEFRA approved standards.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the legislation and the license rules and regulations.

  • Identify the key parts of the reproductive anatomy of the cow.

  • Understand the oestrous cycle and heat detection.

  • Understand the principles of good flask and straw storage and management.

  • Explain how to cleanly and safely carry out AI.

  • Show how to thaw and handle semen correctly.

  • Carry out the practical task of insemination.