XLVets Sponsors Vet Mums and WellVet Collaboration Session - Integrating the flexible worker

20 Jul 2022

XLVets is sponsoring a collaborative event between Vet Mums and WellVet.

The session is Integrating the Flexible Worker with Silvia Janska of FLEXEE, 12 noon, Friday 29th of July. You can now watch back the recording free, by visiting: https://www.wellvet.co.uk/event/flexible-worker/

In this session, we discuss the issues facing flexible workers when it comes to feeling a true sense of belonging within the veterinary team. We summarise the outcomes from the 2021 Vet Mums Community Mastermind on this topic.

Our community was particularly keen to support Vet Mums, as this active Facebook Community supports so many of our members and the wider profession. We expect this will be another valuable source of information about effectively embracing flexible working within the industry. And a continuation of our community investment in this area.

Vet Mums is also hoping to attract more Vets to their community and are particularly keen to attract more men! So if you are looking for a supportive network within veterinary, Vet Mums could be the place to be.

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