XLVets community speaking at LVS 2021

11 Nov 2021

Members of the XLVets community are out in force at London Vet Show 2021. Covering subjects as wide-ranging as sustainability to strangles and enjoying first opinion practice to farm emergencies. It is fantastic to have such a strong presence at this landmark event again this year. LVS also ties in perfectly with the communities lunchtime gatherings on 11th and 12th November, which provides members with the perfect opportunity to catch up, share ideas and celebrate the independent practices that form our organisation.

Andrew Wallace, Director and Veterinary Surgeon, Buckingham Equine Vets and Lizzie Bewsey-Dyke, Managing Director, Grads to Vets

  • 11-Nov-2021 at 12:00– 13:10, Finding joy in first opinion practice - BVA Careers Development

    Jonathan Statham, Chief Executive, RAFT Solutions Ltd, Bishopton Veterinary Group

    • 11-Nov-2021 at 12:40  14:00  Agriculture beyond Brexit: The Animal Health & Welfare Pathway - BVA Congress

    Philip Ivens, Managing Director, Buckingham Equine Vets

    • 11-Nov-2021 at 16:40– 17:40, Practical management of strangles - BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre

    Yoav Alony Gilboa, Farm Animal Director, Friars Moor Livestock Health

    • 11-Nov-2021  14:00– 15:00, A vet's guide to small holder pet pigs - BVA Farm Theatre
    • 11-Nov-2021  15:15– 16:15, First opinion farm emergencies - BVA Farm Theatre
    • 11-Nov-2021  16:30– 17:30, Basics of backyard birds - BVA Farm Theatre
    • 12-Nov-2021  14:45– 15:45, The top goat consults for first opinion practitioners - BVA Farm Theatre

    Helen Rogers, Director/Veterinary Surgeon - Friars Moor Livestock Health 

    • 12-Nov-2021 at 09:10  10:10, How to maximise success, drive improvement and meet farm targets in cattle reproduction work - BVA Farm Theatre

    David Black, Director - Vet Sustain, Paragon Vet Group

    • 12-Nov-2021 at 12:30  13:50, The Race to Zero – the role of the veterinary profession in tackling climate change - BVA Congress

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