XLVets Equine at BEVA 2021

5 Sep 2021

Join Colm McGinn at BEVA Congress 2021. Come and visit us at stand D8 at the Birmingham ICC, or visit our virtual stand via the BEVA Congress App. Why pay us a visit: XLVets is a thriving community of independent, equine veterinary practices. Members of our community are proud of their independent status and the freedom it provides to focus on our patients, clients and people. As a community, our Members are committed to working together, sharing knowledge and experience to deliver the highest standards of equine healthcare.
As a collaborative community of independent practices, our aim is to help solve four key challenges for our Members:
A. The challenge of maintaining and growing profit margins.
B. The isolation associated with being an independent practice owner.
C. Retaining a high-quality practice team and supporting recruitment when it needs to be done.
D. The need to ensure that the business thrives and meets clients' expectations.

XLVets have a broad range of activities focussed on these areas and we’ll be very happy to hear from you if you’d like to know more.


Working for an XLVets Equine member - take a look at the current vacancies.

Comments from some of our Equine practice Members:

“There’s a real sense of coming together to do the best that you can do.”
“XLVets is a massive support structure behind an autonomous practice.”
“Whenever we get together, there are some really good ideas that come out of it.”
“Somebody gave me an opportunity to be a business owner...and I would like to give the next generation that opportunity as well.”

Would you like to speak to anyone at XLVets? Contact Colm McGinn, Kerrie Hedley or Andrew Curwen, or call 01228 711 788.

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