XLVets extends invitation to attend its national meetings

11 Sep 2019

XLVets, the community of independent vet practices, is to host three national meetings in September and October and is inviting independent vets who want to understand the benefits it offers to come along to the events. The farm and business national meeting takes place on 18th and 19th September, the small animal and business meeting is on 2nd and 3rd October and the equine and business meeting is on 9th and 10th October. All the meetings take place at Chesford Grange in Kenilworth.

The small animal meeting will cover topics as diverse as the art of conversations to dentistry, while the two-day farm meeting will focus on team working, competitive advantage, genomics and mental resilience. The events include a team-based action-packed activity and a social evening which offers the chance to network and exchange experiences and ideas.

Susan Goodfellow is Chief Marketing Officer at XLVets and says attending the event gives potential members an insight into XLVets that can’t be matched, “It’s fine to know what we do but to actually experience it as part of our community is quite different. We know that talking to members and being part of a group of individuals that come together to determine their own future is the best way for veterinary professionals to see what’s possible and how we strive for excellence together.”

As well as existing practice owners, XLVets also encourages anyone who is thinking about starting their own practice to attend the events. There is a wide range of XLVets programmes available to support prospective owners at every stage – from finding funding and identifying the right financial set up, to acquiring the skills needed to lead a team effectively.

Susan notes that many vets have a strong entrepreneurial mindset but lack support or know-how to allow them to take the first step to ownership, “Locum roles and mobile set ups are often stepping stones to practice ownership but the barriers can seem significant, not to mention any personal reservations people might have about all it entails. Support from like-minded colleagues who can openly share their experiences can help to make it seem possible, desirable and achievable.”

Veterinary professionals wishing to attend one of the meetings should contact Colm McGinn, Chief of Implementation, in confidence, at colm.mcginn@xlvets.co.uk or call 01228 711788.

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