XLVets supports other independent practices with helpful resources during the COVID-19 crisis

2 Apr 2020

Veterinary practices across the nation have faced some difficult decision making in the last few weeks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are having to strike a balance between offering emergency cover, furloughing some team members and maintaining the financial viability of the practice. It has placed another burden on practice owners as they have had to adapt and plan in line with the latest government advice. In the spirit of the XLVets community, there has been a great deal of collaboration between practices to determine the best way forward.

In response to the latest news, XLVets practice owners want to share the resources they have developed with other independent practice owners and managers that currently sit outside their community to help them through this difficult period. Thanks to the work of the wider XLVet community, resources are now available through the XLVets Members Area at www.xlvets.co.uk and can be accessed by emailing admin@xlvets.co.uk for a password to access the materials without obligation or charge.

XLVets has called on its experts in people development, legal, IT and HR, as well as its practice owners, managers and team leaders to develop the package of COVID-19 resources for independent practices. It includes access to COVID-19 specific XLVets Thriving in Practice wellbeing initiative, excellent resources which provide guidance and best practice, tips offered by XLVets members, expert guidance in the use of technology to support home workers and much more.

Some of the content is also designed to be shared by practice managers with their team members, particularly resources focused around wellbeing and free CPD.

Colm McGinn, from XLVets says rallying together in challenging times is a hallmark of the community, “We are very good at working together to develop solutions for problems and supporting each other. This is a national challenge and while our members have faced some difficult decisions, they’ve been able to share that decision-making process with their peers, calling on them for ideas, guidance and support. It’s a big ask for just one or two partners to interpret the guidance in a rapidly changing environment and to stay informed about advice from regulatory bodies and associations. We’ve all benefited from sharing knowledge and it’s lifted some of the pressure that comes from taking individual action, while still having freedom to do what’s right for your own practice and people. I can’t think of a better time for us to share our learning and resources for the greater good.”

The online resources are available now from www.xlvets.co.uk and by using the joining instructions above. Veterinary professionals can find out more about XLVets at https://www.xlvets.co.uk/the-boss/.

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