Up coming retirements and practice expansion mean have openings in our small animal department for veterinary surgeons with some experience.

Ideally one role would be a senior colleague to help the existing directors mentor our more recent graduates that we are developing but we will also consider any combination of hours and job shares just get in touch with your suggestions.

Salary range £45-60k pro rata for a colleague who joins our out of hours rota. Additional payments also available for cases seen outside normal hours.

A flexible rota allows us to ease the burden when fully staffed but also absorb extra work during staff leave and reduce our need for locums. Between 30 and 40 hours is a typical week in normal hours always with 6 free weekends in 8.

  • Usually 2, never more than 3, evening surgeries (until 7pm) per week.
  • 24h off after a night on duty and a late start on a duty day. No consecutive nights on duty even at weekends, Mon/Tue off after a Friday Sunday weekend
  • One night on every 2 weeks. In each 8 week rota cycle you will get 2 long weekends with Friday off
  • Qualified RVN's on call 24 hours
  • We are a nurse training centre with a very stable nursing team
  • We work about 188 days per year compared to 233 days with a standard 5 day week

We were Pendle’s employer of the year in 2017 and gained the Presidents award for our recent refurbishment from the British Veterinary Hospitals association design awards in 2019.

We Run 15 minute appointments and have 3500 animals in our health plan. Lunch is 90 minutes across all our surgeries.

Holidays are 4 weeks + bank holidays of course with extra days accrued up to an extra 5 days if you stay with us. Extra un paid leave can be taken to extend a break for travel as we see this as one of the attractions of being a locum that we can transfer to an employee position.

CPD allowance is a minimum of £1k but negotiable for special interests.

We have been looking after the animals of Pendle and surrounding areas for over 100 years.

A modern 2 bedroom flat is available away from the surgery.

The Yorkshire Dales, the Ribble valley/ trough of Bowland and Bronte country are on our door step. The tour of Britain cycling race stage 2 finished outside our main surgery in 2015.

If you are interested and  would like any more detail please e mail our practice manager Liz Edmondson Day on liz@stanleyhouse.co.uk. She will also be able to arrange a chat either with a director or one of our current team (or any combination) to give you a better insight into how we look after our patients and each other.

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