We aren’t a corporate.
So who are we?

We are a community of fiercely independent veterinary practices. We value the freedom to make individual choices and benefit from collaborating within a large group of like-minded practices.

XLVets members have clinical freedom and report to only one boss:
the animal in front of us.

Why join XLVets?

Are you an established independent practice looking to stay in control of your own destiny, or a start-up practice seeking a supportive community to help you thrive?

Do you want to keep your autonomy and combine it with the ambition and collaborative power of a strong community?

XLVets supports established and start-up Independent Veterinary Practices by providing an environment that encourages collaboration between practices to solve key issues.

Our members buy together, support each other, share best practice and work to develop their thriving businesses.

Our members can rely on their community.

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Hear what our members have to say

Adele Isacs
Why not a corporate?

I feel we would lose autonomy and control over how our people are treated.

Dan Lewis
Why XLVets?

There’s a real sense of coming together to do the best that you can do.

Lynne Gaskarth
What’s on offer?

XLVets is a massive support structure behind an autonomous practice.

Chris Price
Why XLVets?

We can share resource and not have to reinvent the wheel.

David Black

David Black MRCVS

Somebody gave me an opportunity to be a business owner…and I would like to give the next generation that opportunity as well.

Jenny Hull

Jenny Hull MRCVS

Especially us as a new start-up, we had a lot of support and help.

Chris Price
Why XLVets?

We can share resource and not have to reinvent the wheel.

Rachel Hayton
Why XLVets?

Whenever we get together, there are some really good ideas that come out of it.

Gary Jennings
Why independence?

The practice has much more flexibility.


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